KASI Intensive Workshop

pubblicato 14 set 2012, 22:53 da andrea mori   [ aggiornato in data 14 set 2012, 22:54 ]
Latitude is about to start an intensive workshop on two case studies: a new development on water along a river by-pass in Kampen (NL) and a scenario for the future of the Sile River (IT) from its springs to Treviso city center. The first case will be developed in the frame of Latitude’s research Floating Urbanism while the second one is based on an on-going study initiated with B&M ingegneria for the Genio Civile of Treviso.
The aim of the workshop is to conduct two parallel investigations that can fruitfully take advantage of each other’s findings. Despite the differences between the two cases – being Kampen more architectural and the Sile River more territorial – water plays a fundamental role and it highlights the need of an equilibrium with urban-territorial developments. Moreover, Kampen and the Sile River question the contemporary vision and plans for the evolution of our cities, pushing towards the research of (maybe) different lifestyles.
The workshop will take place in the Venice office and it will involve young professionals and experts from different fields – engineers, technicians, anthropologists.