X Bienal de São Paulo, Latitude is almost there

pubblicato 7 ott 2013, 10:57 da andrea mori   [ aggiornato in data 7 ott 2013, 10:58 ]
Latitude is finishing the preparation of the material for the X Bienal de Arquitectura de São Paulo, Brazil, opening on the 12th of October 2013.
Their research, titled Reading the incremental occupation of territories, seeks to display the progressive transformation and the urbanization processes that have affected three territories with similar characteristics: the province of Treviso (Italy), Caxias do sul (Brazil) and Eldorado do Sul (Brazil).
Crossing the scales, from the territorial one until the plot size, a series of artifacts  - plans, models, videos – will highlights the critical urban and environmental issues that rise from the rapid, often uncontrolled growth.